Treat Your Fungal Nails Today

Give yourself the gift of clear nails this holiday season. If you have been hiding your crusty, thick, discolored nails, set them free!!!

While fungal nail infection can develop in people at any age, it’s most common in older adults. With age, toe nails can become brittle and dry, leaving cracks that allow fungi to enter.

The symptoms are fairly easy to recognize. The most obvious sign being discoloration that starts as a yellowish or white spot just under the tip of the nail and darkens as it progresses throughout the nail. Other symptoms include nails that are thickened, brittle, distorted, crumbling at the edges or detached.

A weakened immune system and reduced blood circulation to the feet may also play a role in who develops toenail fungus.

Caring for your feet is crucial if you plan on remaining physically active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are experiencing a fungal nail infection, call our office at 407-423-1234.

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