Corns – What are they and how do we treat them?

Corns are a type of callus, made up of dead skin, and are a hard, painful area of the skin that typically develops on the feet due to pressure. Corns typically have a hard center and can be painful when pressure is applied. They are also usually smaller than calluses, as well as round and more defined.

There are two types of corns: hard corns and soft corns. Hard corns are usually small and typically occur in areas of hard skin and in bonier areas of the feet. Soft corns are usually whitish and rubbery rather than hard and typically occur between the toes. Corns can be caused by wearing shoes that do not fit correctly, wearing shoes without socks, and/or walking barefoot.

To prevent corns it is important to wear properly fitting shoes, avoid wearing high heels for extended periods of time, avoid going barefoot, wear socks when wearing shoes, and to use pads inside shoes to prevent rubbing.

When dealing with corns, it is recommended to not wear high heeled, narrow shoes. Wearing these types of shoes causes pressure on the toe which is not ideal when dealing with corns on toes/feet.

It is very important to not attempt corn removal on your own as you can cause more damage to yourself. It is always best to consult your foot doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment plan to handle corn related issues. If left untreated, corns can become painful and uncomfortable. They can potentially lead to more serious issues including staph infections. If you have diabetes or other poor circulation issues, it is extremely important to get your feet checked out by a foot doctor to make sure there are not other issues to be taken care of. It is important to not try to cut or trim the corns on your own, always see a foot doctor for their professional opinion, advice, and treatment.