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Back Pain could be Linked to your Feet!

That back pain could be cause by foot pain!

Amber Shane, DPM, FACFAS Discusses Ankle Injuries on the Elevator Podiatrist Podcast

Amber Shane, DPM, FACFAS is a foot and ankle surgeon at Orlando Foot & Ankle Clinic. She discusses causes, symptoms, and treatments of ankle injuries. Bio: Learn More about Upperline Health:

Total Ankle Replacement Surgery with Dr. Christopher Reeves, Orlando, FL Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Audio Transcript Dr. Reeves:         The first one was a gentlemen. He was a about 70 years old. He and his wife were a year shy of celebrating their 50th anniversary and he had a terrible end stage ankle arthritis with a flat foot. We reconstructed the flat foot end and did an ankle placement. And …

PAIN FREE Q-Clear Laser Patient Testimonials

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3 Important Foot Stretches

Do these three foot stretches everyday to avoid pain, injury and deformity.

What are Prescription Custom Orthotics?

Has your doctor recommended custom orthotics? Custom orthotics are custom-made devices designed to support and comfort your feet. Prescription orthotics are crafted for you exclusively. They match the contours of your feet precisely and are designed for the way you move. Orthotics are only manufactured after a podiatrist has conducted a complete evaluation of your …

Meghan Markle Has Morton’s Toe – Do You?

The internet recently erupted with the news of Meghan Markle having Morton’s Toe. Here’s the photo that started it all: Dr. Amber Shane explains, “Morton’s Toe is a rare, less than 20 percent of the population, structural shape to the second toe making it longer than the first. The majority of people have a longer …

What education has a foot and ankle surgeon received?

Foot and ankle surgeons are podiatrists that have specialized training in surgery. They provide medical and surgical care for a variety of conditions that affect the legs, below the knees, of people of every age.

Diabetic Complications

Diabetes is a condition that affects many parts of the body if not regulated correctly. One of the areas that it can affect is your feet. Your feet are at the highest risk as they are the furthest from your heart which means the blood flow to them is the furthest away. There are two …